Bonsais require special care, Le Jardin du Dragon Vert offers a range of services. 


The roots of all trees extend to seek water and nutrients that are necessary for life.


Ligating is a fundamental technique to shape and maintain Bonsai. 


The most important aspect of Bonsai care is watering. 


Most people started growing Bonsai after buying a tree in a store or on the internet. And then....


The most common way to train a tree is to prune it regularly. There are two techniques: maintenance pruning and structural pruning.


For a Bonsai tree, being fed regularly during the growing season is crucial to its survival.


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Substrates - Surfacing

Using the right mix of substrate for your Bonsai is essential.

Bio treatment

Like any living plant, Bonsai can suffer from many parasites or diseases. That said, if the plants are healthy and properly cared for, the risk of infection is minimized.

Security guard

You are going on vacation and you need someone you can trust to look after your trees. I propose you a service to the card according to your situation.

Bonsai Workshops

We offer training workshops in the art of bonsai throughout the year. Different levels of courses are possible.

Bonsai Clinic

Diseases, pests, .... can weaken your trees. Here, they will be pampered and much as possible...It remains living.

Maintenance of your bonsai

Your trees need maintenance in summer and winter. We can advise you.